Thursday, 4 January 2007

Preparing to jump out of the matrix

Our little family has decided that our time in the big melting pot of London has come to an end. We’re jumping out the seductive matrix of life in the capital that we've loved for 12 years, yet costs too much of our lives and money . We’re running to stand still so we've decided to run all over Europe instead - a whole new adventure for 2007 and beyond.

On February 25th 2007 we will be heading off into the sunset to begin our quest for another way of living in a place and country we have not yet found. This exhilarating quest for a new beginning we are calling the "Poop in Europe Tour", in honour of the one that awoke the desire in us to explore and to live more simply: like him to eat, walk, sleep and poop. The one and only Moses - our 1 year old golden retriever puppy.

I have resigned from my job at Prospectus (the recruitment firm that bought my agency Source 3 years ago). Vonnie is preparing to hand over her yoga classes and acupuncture clients to someone else. Next week we are informing Myatt Garden school that the kids have had enough of schooling in London and will thank all their fabulous teachers for their superb work so far: particularly for instilling in them all the brilliant multicultural values that only London schools can. We really haven’t much of a clue about where we are going yet although we do have a starting point. Hull.

On 25th February we will drive in a motor home to Hull. To start a 200 mile walk to London with the Lifeline Expedition - an amazing charity reconciliation project that's journeyed through 20+ countries since 2000 – helping hundreds of people deal with the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade. This year is significant as it’s the 200th abolition (we never abolished just renamed it) of the slave trade. We joined the expedition to Barbados in 05 and Africa in 06 so are expecting even more from the Hull to London trip in March.

But after that the journey and life is all up for grabs. Probably France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the Balkans. New Zealand and South America are possibilities too. A faint vision has begun to surface as to what the destination could perhaps look like. An olive grove in a part of Italy no one’s heard about, where we can build our own ‘Last Samurai’ Japanese style living quarters to live in and a village of yurts for people we know to stay in for a while, close to the sea to surf, near mountains to climb, with a few horses to ride, and a whole pack of amazing dogs to walk - a retreat that we need to set up and run until the kids are old enough to make their own journey in life. Then around 2017 Vonnie and I will probably look Eastwards for our next adventure.

So far its all been musings, possibilities, what ifs. In 52 days it gets real. We’re jumping and don’t know where. What a rush. I hope it’s as astonishing, remarkable and awe inspiring as my stomach is already telling me it might just be. Lots to do between now and then, including renting out our house in New Cross, buying a motorhome (didn't think i'd be saying that in my thirties) and most importantly of all, imagining all the possibilities of what lies ahead.

We've set up this blog site to hopefully make it really easy for us to keep in touch on our travels with the people we care about. For Joshua and Eloise in particular to share their experiences, messages and photos with those they are already missing. So watch this space and add your own thoughts to it if you can.


Kori said...
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Kori said...

Dear ones,

We'll feel the space you will have left behind in London but above all I feel so excited for you and want to encourage your spirit of adventure by saying WELL DONE! GO FOR IT! LIVE IT OUT!


Lots and lots of hugs and smiles and hurrahs whenever you need them, Kori

(PS: Couldn't stand a typo so had to delete first attempt-- sorry!)

Matt said...

Excellent news for the Winter family. Go for it! And if you can -- get to NZ -- you'll never come back! (They grow olives there too).

I'll keep an eye on London for you.


Phil said...

Go team Winter!
Yes, I agree with Matt, make sure you come to NZ - we never came back - and its nice here. If you do, bring some Plain Chocolate McVities digestives. Ta!

Sharon said...

Wooooooow! This Bajan girl feels the rush and she isn't even the one embarking on this amazing adventure. My wonderful Winter people, enjoy every second of it! Josh and Ella, no classroom can ever teach you what you are about to experience so fully appreciate every thing you go through.

You guys rock! I take my hat off to you...many of us would love to do this...jump out of the MATRIX.