Sunday, 10 June 2007

My first month – France & Italy - by Josh

This month our lives have changed. From packed weekends, long school days, miserable evenings and being bored to death, our weeks have been free to do with what we want ( as long as we see famous places and learn from them i.e. we went to the Eiffel Tower and we learnt about terminal velocity and area)! There are still the occasional arguments, sometimes multiplied because of our small spaces, but they are soon forgotten.

My favourite things that we have done so far have probably been taking photos that are impossible to go wrong (some of them are on here) and sending postcards to my friends at school from places like The Leaning Tower and rubbing their noses in it ( I hope you’re reading this!)!

It’s not just the famous places that I love; in fact I like the small villages like Cinque Terre (they are five villages that are on a huge cliff over looking the sea) and Siena (a medieval town with a huge cathedral and palazzo) that I find more beautiful. And its not just man made things that are amazing, although to think that the Romans built huge aqueducts like Pont du Gard is pretty outstanding, nature also has a way of making you fall in love. The views from mountains and cliffs just make you want to stay there for ever and watch the world go by.
There have been funny incidents, sad incidents, happy ones, scary ones and ones that include all of those feelings! Things that we would never be able to do in London, like go for 10 minute rides in places that we have never been before, on our own, its even easier to learn languages because of everyone speaking to you in the same language, I mean I’ve already learnt 50 times more than I could have ever learnt in London!

Everyone (including mosey and his mobile home) have been ill apart from me, HELP! Ellie had an asthma attack, mummy had trapped wind yet no matter how much she let it out (which was often) there was always more, dad had a cold, mosey had worms and the mosiemobile lost his skylight and I’m probably gonna be next! After getting the skylight fixed and going over our budget by about 1200€ (800 bleeping quid!) we left for Cassino just north of Napoli, Just south of Roma and staying in a campsite for 18€ a night! We are going to a monastery and after that we head south for Sicilia!

After leaving one journey, we join another; Italia! One world to another, Clueso to Luigi!

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