Saturday, 7 July 2007

How to eat an ice-cream - by Eloise

#1 Lick round the sides of the ice cream until it no longer drips, and that it’s in the shape of a top hat.

#2 Eat off the top of the ice cream until it is flat.

#3 now blow in-to the cone and when you hear a crackling sound stop, and look in side if it has gone down then your doing the right thing!

#4 munch around the cone until your tongue meets with the ice cream.

#5 finally, do what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Winter family!!!

Sounds like you are all having so much fun! Wish I couold be there with you! email me when you can Eloise. and I will try eating ice-cream the way you said.

love you lots
Anna L.

See u soon in the USA