Thursday, 6 September 2007

Bonjour Portugal

Not so much from me today. Just a few piccies to see, all snapped by my brilliant wife and son. And this map that shows our route round Europe so far. Von and Josh are in the midst of their new blogs but its been too hot in Coimbra today to finish them off. Both their musings will be here shortly. Still cant get Eloise to write a word. Although she's suggested a number of sequels to her by now infamous "how to eat and ice cream" earlier contribution, nothing has yet materialised.

Santiago di Campostella in Spain was most cool full of pilgrims and students and musicians. You could hang out in its bars, squares and cafes for months. No wonder its such a destination attraction. Forget the mythical bones of St James in the gold plated church.

Portugal towns most charming so far with lovely sculptures and fountains everywhere. Ponte de Lima was first port of call in the Minhos then a quick visit to Viana do Castello on the coast.

Porto now a protected Unesco town famous for its old and port cellars and ancient town houses in the centre still in use, had a sweet vibe. Mix of the old and new. Nice. Stayed a couple of days and even had time to see the arresting minimalist Contemporary Art Museum. More photos coming soon.

For those interested in the welfare of the protagonist of our journey, Mosie is having a ball. Swimming in and out of rivers, lakes and oceans pretty much every day. Climbing moutains. Chatted up by all the girls. Watching sunrises and sunsets with us. Eating and pooping his way round Europe as originally requested to us some time last year (a little projection perhaps but hey, we thought we heard him ask). Here's a shot of him peeing ontop of Torre, the highest peak in Portugal 2km up. Good boy. That'll do.

One last thing, yo have to check out for some amazing old abandoned houses, farms and hamlets for sale. We are off to Lisbon this week and then coming back to meet the people that run that cute company for a tour. My favourite so far, simply because of the providence of its name, is on the list of properties over 40k. Near the bottom. Called Moses. Now wouldn't that be a story to write about one day.

Cold beer is calling. Gotta go.

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paula said...

Hello to you lovely people, Vonnie, Andy, Joshua, Eloise and of course Moses.

It’s the first time that I've looked at your blog today and I am blown away, actually I'm sitting at my desk at work trying not to cry! It all sounds so very beautiful.
I haven't had time to read all the instalments, I think I will wait until I get home then I can have a good blub in private if the mood takes me, but can't wait to read it all!
Its so wonderful that you had the courage to take your family on the road and have this adventure together. I can't think of anything more worthwhile then growing, learning , laughing, crying together as you explore new places. FREEDOM …. to be the beautiful people you are TOGETHER.

Well, I look forward to finding out if Moses (the house Moses) will be joining you're family soon and where you are going next.

Much love to you all, travel sweetly

Big Kisses Paula and Elwood ( I'm nearly 1 yrs old now!)