Wednesday, 19 September 2007


So, it’s September the 12th a passenger (whose name you will find out later) was to be picked-up in the evening and come to stay with us in the mobile home.
"So", we thought in the morning "we have time, why don’t we ride to the beach?"
And that was just what we did!

But dum dum dum dummmmmm…..

We came to a campsite (on our bikes) but we had to go down steps to it, then we had to go over a blue tube! I thought "how on earth are we going to get over that!" But oh we were not allowed to pass-by! ¡Turns out it was an air tube! ¡¡Fancy that!!

When we eventually got home, we then packed up the mobile home, which means: wind in the awning, fold up the ground sheet, and make sure everything is secure etc etc etc. Off we went to the airport to get our….


When Moses saw Papops he was like a new dog! Oh my days I’ve never seen Moses so happy on this trip. It was wonderful! We kept on chanting, PAPOPS, PAPOPS, PAPOPS, PAPOPS, PAPOPS!!!!

"Oh" I thought "what do I do now?"

In the morning we drove to Moses (not the dog, the houses!!) Papops likes it! We are so glad! With Papops we ate, drank, swam, walked, climbed, talked, we did lessons, we watched rugby (yuck), we swam some more. It was lovely. In two days when Papops left, we all knew (including Moses the dog not the houses) that there definitely was a part of us was missing.

Well now we are where I belong… the sea!!!!!!!!!

See you soon Ellie!!!

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